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Fácil de operar mini equipamentos de beleza cavitação macchine acelerar a taxa de metabolismo do corpo e circulação sanguínea

Informação básica

Modelo: tm-263

Descrição do produto

Especificações 1.factory manufactured
Máquina de emagrecimento 3.cavitation
4.MOQ: 1pcs

1.             Function:

It was invented in the 80’s to the Beauty Business.  It can cure a lot of skin problem and accelerate problematic skin healing.  Easy to operate that pop welcome by the majority of the beauty professionals and it is also a great investment for them.  It has 3 main functions:


  1. Mechanism Aspect

It can soft the skin tissue, accelerate absorption of skin products, increase body metabolism and blood circulation, gently stimulate the nerve system and cells etc.


  1. Heat Aspect

It can accelerate the body metabolism rate and blood circulation.  Calm the nerve tissue and help get rid of pain.


  1. Chemical Aspect

It can accelerate the skin metabolism rate.  Balance the PH value of the skin tissue.  Help skin absorb treatment products and intensify sterilization. 


2.             Therapy and Beautification Function:

  1. To help treatment product to sip through the skin with the following particular function:
    1. Not limited by the quality of the treatment products whether it is ion (+/- molecules), water-soluble or medication.
    2. It is more effective than rubbing treatment products into the skin since it will help skin absorb the treatment products.
    3. Not. Limited by ion  (+/- molecules) of the products.
    4. Treated areas can stay fine after treatment.
    5. Will not cause electricity shock
    6. Easy to operate and make treatment products easy adhere to the skin.


  1. Beautification
    1. Soften blood vein and even out red face.
    2. Rid pimples and acne (every ten days is served as a course)
    3. Rid skin pigmentation.  Use with high unit Vitamin C skin products to accelerate skin rejuvenation process.  Expect to see result after 3 treatments with optimum result after 10-40 treatments.
    4. Prevent and rid the formation of wrinkles, soften blood vein and face-lift. Due to the increase of body metabolism rate, it helps rid the said problem on a day-by-day basis.
    5. Rid eye bags and dark circles.  Message the delicate eye areas to rid excess water, puffiness and dark circles.
    6. To soften skin tissue by message.  Make it look and behave delicate and soft.
    7. Accelerate the process of any skin treatments and achieve optimum results.














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